Adobe Acrobat Reader Installation Guide

The Adobe Acrobat Reader (Often simply referred to as the "Adobe Reader") is a web browser add-in and utility program to allow "PDF" files to be displayed both from normal files and in download links for documents as used on many web sites.

The latest version also allows for automated updates, resulting in easier updates to the flash player for the end user.


To download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader, player, go to A recent version of the Adobe home page is shown below:

Adobe home page - flash shockwave and reader downloads

Click on the "Download" button or link at the top of the page to see the available downloads:


On the downloads page shown below, click the "Get Adobe Reader" option under "Readers and Players":

Adobe free software download for acrobat, flash and shockwave


The Adobe Reader download page is displayed as shown below:

NOTE: UNTICK the option to install Chrome before proceeding!

Adobe reader options and installation

When the option to install Chrome has been un-ticked, <Click> the "Download now" button to proceed.


A pop-up warning similar to the one shown below may be displayed:

Adobe Reader installation Security Warning

This is a known and trusted site so click "Run" to start the software installer.


The Windows "User Account Control" dialogue window may then be displayed:

Adobe reader user account control prompt

Again, this is a known and trusted download so <Click> "Yes" to start the installation proper.


The installer then downloads and installs the rest of the Acrobat Reader software.  This is quite a large download and may take a few minutes to download and install, possibly pausing at times with little or no apparent progress:

Adobe reader downloading and installing


When complete, the progress bar will show "Installation Complete" as shown below:

Adobe reader installation complete

<Click> "FINISH" to close the software installer and continue with the installation.


The web browser will now prompt to allow the "Adobe PDF Link Helper" add-on to be installed.  <Click> "Enable" to allow installation:

Adobe PDF Link Helper enable window


The Acrobat Reader installation is now complete and the web page will show the "Installation Successful" screen:

 Adobe reader installation successful confirmation window

The links shown on the right-hand side may then be used to download "Adobe Flash" or "Adobe Shockwave Player" if required, otherwise you may close Internet explorer. 


At this time, there will be a new "Acrobat" icon on the PC Desktop.  Double click the icon to start Acrobat reader as shown below:

 Adobe reader license agreement

The first time Abobe Acrobat Reader is run, the Software licence screen is displayed.  <Click> on the "Accept" button to dismiss this screen and then close Acrobat Reader.  The desktop icon can be deleted as Acrobat will start automatically when clicking on a link to a "pdf" file in a web browser - or when double-clicking on a "pdf" file in Windows Explorer.