Downloading and Installing CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP - CD and DVD Writing software for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8


Despite it's increasingly inappropriate name, "CDBurnerXP" does infact write CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, with the appropriate writer hardware and discs.  It also runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

CDBurnerXP is free for home and business use and has a simple, easy to learn interface that makes if a great alternative to not only the built in very basic CD writing software in Windows - but a great alternative and replacement for Roxio and Nero CD and DVD writing software.

Also, as it is free to use on as many PCs as you like, you can have the same software at home and at work at no cost.  In fact, we often see improvements in system performance and start-up time where software such as Roxio is removed, saving many start-up processes and system memory.

Downloading and Installing CDBurnerXP

Go to the CDBurnerXP Home page: as shown below:

CDBurnerXP Web site home page

<Click> on the "Downloads" tab to display the downloads page - DO NOT USE the main download link as this will also install "OpenCandy" which installs various advertising software along with CDBurnerXP:

CDBurnerXP Web site download page

<Click> "More download options", just under the larger "Download latest version" to see further download options:

Download CDBurnerXP WITHOUT OpenCandy

In the screen shot above, the preferred download option "Default installer (Without OpenCandy)" should be chosen.  The 32-bit version of the software is suitable for all platforms and should be downloaded and saved to a sub-folder in the previously created "install" folder as shown below:

Save CDBurnerXP installer in local folder

Run the downloaded installer and if prompted with the "Open File - Security Warning", click "Run":

Run installer from saved folder

If the "User Account Control" dialogue box appears, <Click> "Yes" to poceed:

User Account Control warning

The CDBurnerXP Welcome screen is displayed.  <Click> "Next" to continue:

CDBurnerXP Setup Wizard

In the license agreemen shown below, check the "I accept the agreement" radio button is selected and <Click> "Next":

CDBurnerXP License agreement

The default installation folder will be displayed as shown below.  This should not normally need to be changed. <Click> "Next" to continue:

Confirm CDBurnerXP Installation Folder

The "Select Components" dialoge actually allows additional languages to be installed - or not.  The defualt option to install all languages is perfectly OK - altenatively, you can choose to only install in English, as shown below, or any other combination you wish.  <Click> "Next" to continue:

Select CDBurnerXP installation languages

The "Select Additional Tasks" dialogue allows some additional options to be configured.  Usually, the defaults as shown below are OK formaost users and self-explanitory.  The option"Associate ISO (.iso) files with CDBurnerXP" can be ticked if you download CD or DVD images and want CDBurnerXP to open when they are <Double-Clicked> to allow the image to be written to a physical disk.  <Click> "Next" to continue:

CDBurnerXP additional configuration options

When the wizard completes, a confirmation screen is displayed.<Click> "Finsh to close the wizard and start CDBurnerXP for the first time:

Completed setup wizard

The CDBurnerXP Startup screen is shen below.  The various options displayed cater for the vast majority of CD and DVD writing needs and are mostly self-explanitory. 

The "Copy or Grab Disc" option can be used to create an .iso image of a physical disk as a file, saved on the PC where it can be written back to a CD or DVD later, without the original disk.  This is a quick and easy way of making personal backups of software installation disks for later use.

CDBurnerXP Startup Screen

Selecting "Data Disc" and <Clicking> "OK" opens the main drag and drop interface for compiling a normal data CD or DVD:

CDBurnerXP - No Compatible Drives error

Note: In the above example, the error message "No Compatible Drives" is displayed. 

This can mean that the installed CD or DVD drive is not recognised by CDBurnerXP - or the drive is not a CD or DVD Writer, but most likely, this error is caused by recent Intel chipset motherboards not having the "Intel RST" (Rapid Storage Technology) drivers installed.  Download and install the Intel RST drivers, if appropriate for the motherboard in use, reboot and re-run CDBurnerXP.