Downloading and Installing CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer - Freeware version

CutePDF Writer is a great utility to allow the quick and easy creation of Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF documents from almost any type of file.

Earlier, we showed how to install the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software, which allows PDF files to be displayed and printed. CutePDF Writer is a free utility to create PDF files from just about any Windows application that supports printing, as the CutePDF software installs as a Windows printer driver, so if a document can be printer, it can be converted to a pdf file with CutePDF Writer.

CutePDF Writer supports large paper sizes up to A0 and works well with Microsoft Office applications as well as other software such as CAD packages.

Downloading and Installing CutePDF Writer

To install CutePDF Writer, first go to the website: as shown below:

CutePDF Website Home Page

Look for the "CutePDF Writer (Freeware)" in the midle of the screen and click "Free Download" to proceed to the download page shwn below:

CutePDF Writer Download Page

On the download page (above) there are links for two files shown on the left hand side. Both files are required and should be downloaded and saved in a "CutePDF" folder in the "install" folder, as per previous downloads:

Save CutePDF Installation Files

Here we see the two downloaded files saved in the folder "T:\install\CutePDF". Note the files have been renamed to indicate the order they should be installed in as a reminder.

Both installation files need to be "Run as Administrator" to install correctly and without errors. <Right-Click> and <Click> "Run as administrator" on hte context menu displayed, as shown below:

Run converter.exe as administrator

If the "User account control" dialogue window is displayed as shown below, <Click> "Yes" to proceed:

Converter.exe User account control

The setup program for the converter software will start, confirming the software and version number.  <Click> "Setup" to proceed:

Converter.exe Setup window

The setup program will complete and then Windows will usually display a message from the "Program Compatibility Assistant":

Converter program compatibility assistant

If the program was "Run as administrator", then <Click> "This program installed correctly" to continue.

Follow a similar procedure for the second program, "CuteWriter.exe".  <Right-Click> and "Run as administrator":

CuteWriter - Run as administrator

A "User account control" message may be displayed as below, <Click> "Yes" to proceed:

CuteWriter User account control

The CutePDF Witer Setup wizard is then displayed, <Click> "Next" to proceed:

CutePDF Writer setup wizard

The user license agreement is then displayed, ensure the "I accept the agreement" radio button is selected and the <Click> "Next" to continue:

CutePDF license agreement

NOTE: TAKE CARE at this point UNTICK the top two check boxes to NOT install the "Ask Toolbar", then <Click> "Next" to proceed:

Do not install Ask Toolbar

The CutePDF installation program is now ready to install the software.  <Click> "Install" to proceed:

CutePDF - Ready to install

When the installer completes, a web browser is launched, displaying some basic help information regarding the use of the CutePDF Writer software:

Using CutePDF Writer Web page

You may wish to read through the information if you have not used CutePDF writer before.  As mentioned earlier, it appears as a printer driver to all applications so that any document or data that can be printed, can be sent to the CutePDF Writer "Printer".

Here is the "Devices and Printers" folder after installation:

CutePDF Writer installed as printer driver

Note: The CutePDF Writer has been configured as the "Default Printer" (as signified by the Green Tick) - Check the default printer setting after installation and change to a different printer if required.

Usually, by installing CutePDF Writer at this stage, before system printers are installed, the correct printer is set as default later on.