Java 7 Download and Installation

Java is an add-in for Internet Explorer and other web browsers required for many web sites to function correctly.  It should be installed on new system during the process of setting the system, ready for the intended user.

Note: If installing on an existing system rather than a new PC, check if any older versions of Java are installed (using the "Programs" settings in Control Panel) such as versions 1.5.x, 5.x and version 6.x and REMOVE all previous versions before installing version 7.

Serious security issues are present in earlier versions of Java and they should be removed and only the latest version installed.  The current version will periodically check for updates and prompt the user to install when required.

To download and install Java, go to

Java download web site

Click on the button "Free Java Download":

Java download page

Click on the button "Agree and Start Free Download" to continue:

Java pop-up security warning

If a security warning such as the one displayed above appears, click "Run" to downlaod and run the Java installer:

Java installer welcome screen

The Java installer welcome screen is shown above.  Click <Install> to begin installation:

Downlaoding Java installer

The installer will download.  This only takes a few seconds on a fast broadband connection:

Next, the installer asks permission to install the "Ask Toolbar" - DO NOT INSTALL THIS!

Do NOT install Ask Toolbar

Untick the check box as shown below to NOT install the "Ask Toolbar" as shown below:


Click <Next> to proceed without installing the toolbar, the JAva installation begins:

Java installation progess

The installer then installs the JavaFX software:

JavaFX Installation

When the installer completes, confirmation is shown that the installation was sucessful:

Java instalaltion sucessful

The web page used to download the software should change to the following page to verity the software is installed and working:

Verify Java Version

Click on the "Verify Java Version" button and click "Allow" on the security warning shown below, if displayed:

Verify Java security warning

The Java Plug-in will execute and if the software is correctly installed, a confirmation page is displayed:

JAva correctly installed confirmation

Websites using Java will now be able to operate correctly and any errors previously displayed due to Java not being installed should not be shown.