Boot screen and license

Check the system is configured to boot from the DVD drive, if using a real test system - or configure a Virtual machine to see the downloaded image as a boot device.

Reset the system and the new Windows 8 boot logo should be displayed: 

Windows 8 boot screen 

After a few seconds, the language selection screen is displayed:

Windows 8 language selection

Choose the correct settings to suit your locaton and click <Next>

The next screen allows either to install windows from scratch - or to use the system repair options, typically for when a previously working system no longer boots corectly:

Windows 8 setup or repair

To install Windows 8 as a trial, click <Install Now>:

An animated screen shows setup is starting, with a familiar rotating icon:

Windows 8 setup starting

After a short time, the Windows License is displayed:

Windows 8 license screen 

Tick the "I accept the license terms" checkbox and click <Next> to proceed to the initial configuration options: