Express or Custom settings and Login

Windows 8 installing apps

At this point, the option to customise some settings - or to allow the Windows 8 default "Express Settings" can be selected.

In order to evaluate Windows 8 with its' standard settings as will be configured on most PCs, Click: <Use express settings>

Windows 8 Express or Customised settings

A new feature in Windows 8 is the ability to use an email address as your login name to enable cloud content and options in a similar manner to that used on other platforms such as Android with the "Google Play Store" and IOS devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPads (Apple Store and iCloud)

At this time, we will choose a standard local account rather than a "Microsoft account", click <Sign in without a Mocrosoft account> to see more information on this selection:

Windows 8 sign in method

As can be seen from the following screen, the emphasis is on using a "Microsoft Account" to enable the new Cloud orientated features in Windows 8 and shared data and settings between Windows 8 PCs.

As this is mainly of benefit to users with multiple Windows 8 systems, click <Local Account> to proceed:

Windows 8 sign in options

Create a standard local username and password for the trial and evaluation.  Make a note of the username and password chosen.

Windows 8 local account selection

Windows will then proceed to complete the installation:

Windows 8 finalising settings

When almost complete, Some basic set-up tips are displayed as shown below:

Windows 8 setup tips

...and then...

Windows 8 getting PC ready


Windows 8 installing apps

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